What is A.C.S.

We are a small New Jersey-based investment management team. We handle multiple accounts of our own money and for our participants.

Who are our participants

At start-up, clients are primarily close friends and family members. We are not open broadly to the general public yet ... you must have a previous relationship with one of us. We reserve the option of refusing any individual or source of investment for any reason as well as the right to immediately terminate any relationship with or without cause upon return of investment plus earnings to date.

What do we offer

Participation with us is via one of two programs:

A. Small Capital Earnings Monthly Appreciation (SCEMA)

This program is for initial funding of $10k-$40k. We promise a fixed monthly payout of 2-4% while preserving the initial Investment. We feel this compares favorably to the operational income from rental real estate investments (cap rate) which usually return around 5-15% net annually on investment, whereas we offer fixed 60-78% APR. Of course we offer much, much more than bank CD's or bank interest. Money in this account is co-mingled for ease of trading, since participants are paid a fixed monthly amount related only to the value input at inception. In effect, we borrow money from you and pay you a high monthly fee until you ask for your loan principal back, or we decide to return it.

Current Offered SCEMA Program Returns
% Rate
$ Amount
$10,0002.5 $250 30 $3,000
$20,0005.5 $550 33 $6,600
$30,0006.0 $900 36 $10,800
$40,000+6.5 $1,333 40 $15,996+
Your monthly return will not decrease for the amount of time of your current contract even if we decrease it for future contracts.

B. Major Capital Return (MACRET)

This program is an alternative available for accounts funded at $50k or more at inception. We can only accept a few of these accounts to be managed concurrently to avoid overloading our trader(s). The MACRET account value will grow at the same rate as our own funds. We will keep a part of the increase each month according to the agreement made upon account opening. We do not let your account fall below funding level and you may withdraw any part of your money in the first few days of any month, or may request a trading freeze at any time. If your account falls below its inception value due to withdrawals, we will stop trading it separately and will transfer the balance permanently to the SCEMA program.

Which program is better?

If you can afford to put $50,000+ aside for six months or more, the MACRET program should be better. We expect to more than double the value in the account over six months (if you let the earnings compound) which should give you over 60% annual gain, after our split. This is not a guarantee, but we feel it is likely based on our in-house gains before launch.

How do we generate Capital Growth?

Our traders are experienced at trading Forex (Fx/Foreign Exchange) and selected commodity funds and ETFs. (This is the same way banks, hedge funds and insurance companies generate much of their income. We just have a much smaller overhead.) The promised gains accrue to our clients according to agreement and the rest to Alien Capital.

Are you insured or registered?

Not at this time. When that happens, the gains we pass along may decrease.

Is my account accessible online?

Not yet. Our trading is a manual process repeating the same trades across all of the accounts (with slight differences due to manual process delays). We evaluate the accounts after the last trading day of each month and determine each investor's position. You can call for your MACRET position as of the last calculation and we will inform you of the value. In the future we plan to post the account values, identified only by an account number, in the first part of each month. The value of a SCEMA account does not change and your contractual percentage is paid to you in the first week of each month.

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